012 – George Lawrence: Teaching Keith Carlock, LA in the 80’s with Jeff Pocaro, Drumming for Poco

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  1. Bill Hosch says:

    Great interview with George Lawrence. We met in junior high in Jackson. Amazing drummer. Nice back and forth between you two!

  2. Chuck says:

    Loved George’s interview – Unlike most drummers who’s unrealistically positive all the time, George gets REAL with you on the ‘down side’ of the music business (especially drummers). I’ve known ESTABLISHED pros who’ve commited suicide with depression. It IS ‘feast or famine’ for the MAJORITY of drummers, especially today. I’m lucky to have a military pension but most aren’t that lucky. That’s why you see all these ‘famous’ players scrambling to get a teaching gig in college now, even as an ADJUNCT which doesn’t pay shit. When my students ask me about a career in music, or worse yet, as a drummer, I tell them ‘if you’d rather be DEAD than to NOT be a drummer, you should pursue music’. My students know I will never feed them BULLSHIT that the media and schools will for $.

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