052 – Tina Raymond: Trusting Her Musical Instinct, Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Field, The Power of Yoga

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  1. Ralph Humphrey says:

    Great interview Zack. I like your questions and your easy manner. And, Tina is really quite an accomplished and smart young lady. I did hear her play at the Blue Whale recently with Cathlene Pineda and the music and Tina’s playing was exceptional.
    Tina has many good things to say about drumming,including the importance of good posture and motion, relaxation and being present in order to allow intuition to take over. I think her suggestion about yoga becoming a part of a course of study in music is something to consider.
    Finally, I admire Tina for her dedication, her intelligence and her ability to share her knowledge and experience with others. So, ‘Go get em, Sport’,

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