053 – Marshall Richardson: Touring with a “Legacy Artist”, Garnering Recording Tips from Pro Engineers, Taking Recommendations Seriously

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  1. Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed this. I met Marshall through Steve Ebe and toured with him during his first years in Nashville & didn’t know a lot of the biographical items presented here.

  2. Julia Gray says:

    Loved this! Fantastic interview!! You kept it easy and interesting. Full disclosure, he is my baby brother but I never understand a thing he says when he is talking drums (seriously, what is a ‘high hat’ even?). Listened to the entire thing while my house was falling down around my ears and would have enjoyed even more.

  3. Marshall,

    My name is Richard Reagan Stewart, and your grandfather Woodrow Wilson Reagan was my grandfather’s brother Seth Reagan, from Dexter Mississippi. My mom Amy Reagan asked me to look you up and I found you. I am a musician myself and would love to talk to you sometime.

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