155 – Lemuel Hayes: Playing with Cindy Wilson, Recovering From a Serious Injury, Choosing Nashville Over L.A.

4 Responses

  1. Will Dodd says:

    Damn. What a great story. I love the part about the Olivia Jean show. It reminds me of seeing Travis Barker play with a broken foot in 2004, and thinking he was the greatest. You pulled off the same stunt, man! I have nothing but respect for you, Lemuel.

  2. Nichelle Appleby says:

    Super exciting to hear you share your journey and I loved Cindy’s show!

  3. Mike Lacey says:

    He’s a bloody good drummer. Had the pleasure of seeing him last three nights.

  4. Zack Albetta says:

    Thanks for the responses everyone! Glad everyone’s digging Lemuel’s story and drumming.

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