164 – Tracy Broussard: Drumming For Blake Shelton, Road Dawg Online, Family/Work Balance

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  1. I’m looking to move to the pro level of my career. I would like info from the pros. Thanks for getting back with me.

  2. Chris says:

    Overall, great interview. If I had to make a suggestion to help the “feel” of the interview, I would say that the interviewer should try to refrain from interjecting “mm,” “yeah,” “uh huh” in-between the slightest gap during the interviewee’s response. Let them construct their thoughts without constantly being stepped on. I know it’s a normal human thing to do in the course of a conversation, but it becomes somewhat distracting when listening to a podcast. But again, great interview.

    • MC says:

      Chris, Thanks for listening and for your input. In my effort to stay engaged with the interviewee, I make those noises and it sounds like to the point of distraction. I don’t want to take the listener, (you) out of the moment. I’ll try nodding my head more instead for sure. Thanks again for listening. -Matt

  3. Happy Birthday Tracy, Glad to see you are doing well with your music career , we keep tract of you from time to time with your mom or dad somewhere , hope you had a great day ….. Charles & Poochie Frederick from SCOTT ,La. !!!!!!!!!

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