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  1. May 6, 2015

    […] Before moving to Nashville in 1991, Steve Ebe spent his formative years in Memphis working with such legends as Carl Perkins and Donald “Duck” Dunn. Now, Steve is known throughout the Nashville music community as one of the busiest drummers in town. Whether it’s teaching close to 50 students a week, or working with several bands who’s primary focus is paying tribute to classic albums by performing them in their entirety, (The Long Players). Steve has carved a niche for himself that is truly unique. He still finds the time to work with other local bands as well, including a Steely Dan tribute called 12 Against Nature and an 80’s party band with a strong reputation called Guilty Pleasures. For a little over 15 years, Steve has also been a member of a dedicated original band called Human Radio. This interview was conducted April 1st 2015.  Click here for pictures. […]

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