025 – Tim Horsley: Drumming in a Multi-Media World, Working with Keith Urban in the Early Days, Sprinter Van Skeptic

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  1. Len Qualls says:

    I grew up with Tim. He’s been a friend of mine for many years now. As little league rivals, martial arts partners and buddies who shared and discussed our love for diverse music while sitting in the balcony of our home town church. I was also fortunate enough to know him , musically, as one of the first guitarists who jammed with him, in his bedroom. I’ve watched him morph into one of the best drummers in Nashville imho.

    A lot of people don’t even know he only has half the hearing ability of other drummers. You see, I sat by his side sophomore year of high school after his surgery to remove a tumor in his inner ear. Unfortunately, he lost his inner ear as well. So when he’s on stage, he has a click track in his good ear at times, and unable to hear a monitor or other sounds that other drummers are able to hear while keeping time. I realized the interviewer didn’t know this factoid about Tim, when he said he got a strange reaction from Tim after complimenting Tim on his Jimmy Kimmel performance from the night before. He probably didn’t hear you well if you weren’t speaking to his good ear.
    That being said, one of Tim’s finer qualities is that even though he is one of the best drummers to play in Music City and certainly the most technical studio savvy, he is probably the most humble as well. I’m a friend. I’m a fan.
    Great interview!

  2. Len Qualls says:

    Webmaster …re: Comment above. Auto correct changed my name. Its Len Qualls. Please edit. Thanks.

  3. Joel Bezaire says:

    Bass player here.
    Tim is the best drummer I’ve played with. Period. Probably learned more about bass just sitting in with him than by listening to other bass players.

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