029 – Greg Morrow: ACM Drummer of the Year, Giving Engineers What They Want, Touring to Sessions, Head Combinations

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  1. Colin says:

    Thanks so much for this interview. Greg Morrow is my favorite drummer of all time, and probably my biggest drumming influence since I started playing 30 years ago. I have followed his career ever since the early 1980’s with D&K, but have never had the pleasure of meeting him, or hearing his story. Thanks so much for doing this and posting it for all to hear.

    • MC says:

      Hey Colin, Sorry for my late reply. Greg is a big influence on me as well. I’m glad you checked his interview. He’s not only a bad ass drummer but a super sweet guy.

  2. scott whittle says:

    Saw and Met Greg on the rock solid D&K Tour when they played Wheaton College on tour… i was blown away and really drove my drumming. It was that concert…and the range of dynamic songs that really inspired me…. Thanks!

  3. Mark L Smith says:

    Did a Scott Boucher ever play drums with Amy Grant’s band?

    He said he has….( he is 56 years old)

  4. Jeff Fondren says:

    Growing up with Greg in the Raleigh area, not only is he a tremendous drummer but he was also a very good and aggressive athlete. We played on several baseball and softball teams together and he was good at every stage we tried.

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