058 – Charles LaMont Garner: Growing Beyond his Gospel Roots, The Importance of Mentorship, Building a Career Through Good Relationships and Good Character

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  1. Dana Giles says:

    Charles is an amazing Muscian and person. He is so authentically kind and tremendously talented. He and his wife are a great example of a Christian family. He is definitely destined for a world wide stage and presence in the music world.

  2. JV Buckner says:

    “Mont” is part of the reason I’m the musician I am today. I love this dude for his humility and true friendship. So proud of my brother!!

  3. Charlie Garner says:

    My son, Lamont, forgot to mentioned that his uncle, Willie James Brown(deceased) played alto sax, and his mom, Marie, played the sax as well. Willie and I (drums), started playing in the high school. Son, you have experience a lot of knowledge from the multiple musicians that you have encountered. Thank you very much for continuing “The Legacy”. You are a Blessed man of God and you will definitely strive to climb the ladder of success.

  4. Kenneth Ford says:

    What can I say about my cousin Charles Lamont Garner. I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep up the good work. Your cuz, Kenneth Ford

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