136 – Jason Harrison Smith: Drumming for Albert Lee, Inspiring the Next Generation, Recording with Gary Husband

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  1. Bob Hicks says:

    In 1998 Jason was hired by Joe Puerta sight un-seen, from a trusted referral for one of Joe’s solo projects. It was a large band (Sunken City) which included 3 grammy winners onstage. Jason was young and we were surely apprehensive but he delivered so well, beyond expectations. We rehearsed twice and did an incredible legendary show. This live success was made possible by Jason’s offset of the old guys jaded outlook with his energy, total skill incredible virtuosity and one of the the best musical attitudes I have ever seen. After this gig was over he join up with Mike Keneally who was also in Joe’s band. This was fun to watch. Too bad there is nothing more too watch, There is no longer a real upward path unless you want to release digital loops.

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