164 – Tracy Broussard: Drumming For Blake Shelton, Road Dawg Online, Family/Work Balance

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  1. I’m looking to move to the pro level of my career. I would like info from the pros. Thanks for getting back with me.

  2. Chris says:

    Overall, great interview. If I had to make a suggestion to help the “feel” of the interview, I would say that the interviewer should try to refrain from interjecting “mm,” “yeah,” “uh huh” in-between the slightest gap during the interviewee’s response. Let them construct their thoughts without constantly being stepped on. I know it’s a normal human thing to do in the course of a conversation, but it becomes somewhat distracting when listening to a podcast. But again, great interview.

    • MC says:

      Chris, Thanks for listening and for your input. In my effort to stay engaged with the interviewee, I make those noises and it sounds like to the point of distraction. I don’t want to take the listener, (you) out of the moment. I’ll try nodding my head more instead for sure. Thanks again for listening. -Matt

  3. Happy Birthday Tracy, Glad to see you are doing well with your music career , we keep tract of you from time to time with your mom or dad somewhere , hope you had a great day ….. Charles & Poochie Frederick from SCOTT ,La. !!!!!!!!!

  4. James says:

    What’s crazy is, Tracy tried I and two other drummers out for Acadiana High School marching band at EAMartin Middle in Lafayette. Tracy graduated the year before I started. Then he moved to Nashville when my band, Urbosleeks put our first album out. Then we moved to Athens, Ga in 2000. In 2003 Tracy got the gig with Blake. In 2004 I moved home, with my tail between my legs and went back to college for Graphic Design. The only difference between Tracy and me, us I didn’t move to Nashville.

    James “fluid” Broussard

  5. James says:

    I gotta be honest, My dad called it, he said if I wanted to make it in music as a drummer, I should move to Nashville. Boy, Do I regret not doing that. Especially after finding out Tracy wasn’t the only drummer from lafayette in Nashville, my good friend, Doug Bellotte was there too.

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