184 – Ben Hans: Author, Editor & Performer for Hal Leonard Publishing, Performing Acoustically w/ Kip Winger, Partnering w/ John S. Pratt

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  1. Maryann Gleisner says:

    Happy New Years, Ben & Dawn

  2. Tom Gross says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast. I played drums and percussion in the High School and College Orchestra, Jazz band and Concert Band. My career was in the environmental field eventually working as an environmental attorney. One lawyer I worked with is the niece of Ed Thigpen. I m retired now. I agree learning to read music is essential. There are many books on the various aspects of drumming but they are of no use if you can’t read music. The comment on having four or five drum books set up for practicing is very good. I do that and it keeps my practice time interesting; it eliminates the boredom of only using one book at a time. I agree the Tommy Igoe book Groove Essentials is really helpful not just for the groves but also to practice reading charts. I visit Nashville once in a while since I have a son in Gallatin.

    • Matthew Crouse says:

      Tom, Thanks so much for your message and listening to the podcast. I agree with you about how essential reading is not only for educational purposes but fun and maintaining your interest. One of my favorite records in college was an Ed Thigpen recording. His brushwork was unmatched. : ). Thanks again and be well – Matthew

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