193 – Bill Stewart: The Jazz Master on Trio Drumming, Composing, and Scofield

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  1. Joe LoCasto says:

    Just Found Love What your Doing !!! Thx JL🕵️🎼🥁

  2. Chris Spychalski says:

    One of my “new” favorites, thanks….Love the podcast keep it up guys!

  3. To say you’re a huge fan of Bill Stewart and then be unaware of his discography is pretty weird. Don’t you guys do your homework before you interview someone?

  4. Eric Bailey says:

    I think the things you asked about regarding building a personal brand, etc. were not considerations that people of Bill’s generation had to make, at least not quite so deliberately as we do in the social media era. Bill played so well and had such an artistic focus that he built his reputation pretty naturally.

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